• Due Diligence and Assessment

• Work Planning

• Analysis of Current Situation-Structure-System-Policies

• Description of Ideal and Relevant Structure-System-Policies  

• Implementation

• Monitoring-Assessment-Revision-Suggestion

Our working methodology changes in regard to the quality of service offered and structure and needs of every company and is based on six main perspectives which are mutually complementary in each stage:

• Financial Perspective: Shareholders and shareholder satisfaction

• Production Perspective: Ability to produce technology and production perfection, etc.

• Customer Perspective: Customers and customer satisfaction

• Creditor Perspective: Creditors, credibility and creditor satisfaction  

• Management Perspective:  Employees and employee satisfaction, objective, reconciliatory and rational participation in organization

• Creation and Teaching Perspective: Developing organization’s existing values, knowledge, and capacity to create values and added value

• Coordination Perspective: Aims, tools and harmony between them

• Every aim of stage and perspective in our methodology and deviation from the aims is checked with predetermined assessment and evaluation criteria. 

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